The Zaccheus Section

Zaccheus was a "wee little man" and a great sinner who repented when Jesus honored him and loved him. His story is told in Luke 19: 1-10. This web page lists significant errors or revisions that I have made to my evolution web site as of February 2008.

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May 2, 2001. I removed a statement about the Book of Mormon because I had not researched my assertion thoroughly enough.

June 22, 2001. I rephrased a sentence that implied that I was taking the side of the Israelis in their conflict with the Palestinians.

February 18, 2002. While investigating the case of the English peppered moths, I speculated that charges of fraud made by Jonathan Wells and rebutted by Donald Frack had appeared in an earlier version of the Wells article. In fact, those charges had appeared on an Internet discussion board. Thanks to Troy Britain for the clarification.

May 21, 2003. I added an article from the Philadelphia Bulletin that gives another account of Gary Parker's college debate.

February 4, 2008. I removed a web page describing a college debate involving creationist Gary Parker. The debate took place in November 1968 at Eastern Baptist College in St. Davids, Pennsylvania (now Eastern University). I removed the web article because after 40 years the event is no longer relevant. There was a news article describing the debate published in the Philadelphia Bulletin on November 27, 1968. The title of the article is "Evolution or Creation? How Did Man Begin? Debated at College" and the reporter is Daniel J. McKenna. The original article may still be available from the Temple University Archives.

February 19, 2008. I corrected a calculation that Fred Hoyle made about a tornado, a junk-yard, and a Boeing 747. Thanks to Scott Acton for pointing out the error.

February 25, 2012. I changed my preferred view of Adam and Eve from the historical ancestral viewpoint to the historical representative view, based on recent genetic studies.

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